Welcome to magicfly

A magicle place to for your love.


We are very excited to introduce our brand Magicfly to all of you. The combination of "magic" and "fly" creates a clear, bright, cheerful and positive musical note, forming a natural and harmonious musical movement.

We have our own manufacturers specializing in different product lines. We are always behind our product and stand by our customers. Our goal is to provide more and more creative product with the most favourable price to improve the shopping experience. Welcome all of you shopping in our store.

  • Krystal G

    I can't wait to try out all the colors so far I have used permanent green and vermillion and the colors are so vibrant!

  • Tara

    I love everything about this set! As someone who hasn't painted in years, such a diverse array of colours is exactly what I needed to get me started again rather than going out and purchasing individual tubes of acrylic.

  • Cecelia Odle

    I love these paints! So many Great colors, good size tubes, and they have a nice texture!