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Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine


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Reverse Sewing &12 Built-in Stitches: There is reverse sewing to help great sewing. 12 kinds of different stitch patterns, including straight stitches, zigzag stitches, etc., to fits your different needs in sewing. Just adjusting button to the corresponding number to get your wants.

Multi-use Accessory Set: 3 replaceable presser feet, sewing buttons, sewing zippers, sewing invisible zippers. A complete set of spool accessories and convenient tape measure, ready to use after receiving the sewing machine; enlarged expansion table, convenient for sewing large pieces of fabric.

3 Needle Types: Magicfly Sewing Machines equipped with 3 types of thread for fabrics of different thicknesses. Size 80/11 to use on lightweight fabrics; Size 90/14 to use on medium weight fabrics max to 2mm thick; Size 100/16 to use on heavyweight fabrics.

Easy to operate: The threading guide printed on the body can help you thread easily. There are also clear instructions and operation videos to help you easier create your artwork and answer frequently asked questions. Whether you are a beginner or a sewing enthusiast, you can easily operate this mini sewing machine.

Perfect Gift: Magicfly small sewing machine portable is small size with handle, easy to store and carry. There are two power supply methods, power supply or battery, which is suitable for home or outdoor. Magicfly’s color box packaging is a great Christmas or birthday gift for family and friends.


1. The Magicfly sewing machine has been threaded from the manufacturer and the cloth is to test the machine NOT a USED product;

2. Power supply and battery cannot be used at the same time, which will cause damage to the machine;

3. When the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are wrong, the machine will be reversed and cannot be sewed and will caused damage to the machine;

4. This machine is not easy to sew too thin, too soft and elastic fabrics. It is recommended to add a piece of paper under the fabric to achieve better sewing results;

5. Please turn the hand-wheel counter-clockwise manually to ensure that there is no thread jamming and other problems before turning on the power;

6. Magicfly portable sewing machine might be different from other sewing machines, we suggest that you read our manual carefully and watch some videos before use.

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