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About Magicfly

Embark on a creative journey with Magicfly - a brand born in 2014, initially dedicated to painting accessories, now flourishing with a diverse range of craft and sewing products. Our mission is clear: to provide quality art, craft, and sewing supplies that seamlessly blend affordability with excellence.

At Magicfly, we recognize art as an inherent aspect of human nature, a means to document cherished moments, convey beautiful visions, and enrich our lives. We envision ourselves as butterflies guiding you through the enchanting art garden.

Uniqueness Defined

Fueled by a passion for art, we offer an array of art supplies to add vibrancy to your life. Our commitment lies in providing diverse tools for those eager to infuse their world with color and creativity.

Quality Beyond Measure

Every Magicfly product undergoes rigorous quality checks and continuous enhancements to cater to the varied needs of artists. We take pride in delivering excellence, ensuring that each item meets the highest standards.

AΒ Love for Art

Our love for what we do stems from the desire to share the joy of artistic creation. We aspire to enable art lovers to revel in the process of bringing imagination to life through top-notch art products. Let art seamlessly integrate into your life - we're here to accompany you along the enchanting road of artistic expression.

Creativity Flows Freely Here

Magicfly unlocks creativity for crafters and artists of all ages through vivid colors and versatile mediums meeting imaginative minds wherever inspiration strikes. The crafting lineup empowers makers to build dimensional projects effortlessly, equipping imagination’s pursuit.


A versatile selection of paints with rich colors and great light fastness for choices.


diy & crafting

Start your DlY project with a range of DlY tools and supplies in Magicfly, Epoxy Resin Kit, Hot Glue Gun Sticks, Cork Tiles, etc.

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