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Polymer Clay Starter Kit for Beginners

Item ID: MF430
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  • 45 Colored Clay Blocks: Offers 45 gorgeous colored clay blocks, catering to beginners, children, and artists for crafting small ornaments.
  • Safe & Eco-friendly: Craft by using non-toxic, eco-friendly soft polymer molding clay. It's bright, non-sticky, and provides super stretchability.
  • All-in-One DIY Set: Unleash your creativity with 47+ accessories, including durable tools and decorative items.
  • Perfect Gift: Packaged in an elegant box, this clay kit is an ideal present for art and crafts lovers.
  • Flexible Stereotypes: Choose from oven bake (recommended), boil (for small works), and hair blower heating (ideal for small creations).


30g for each Clay

Package Included

45* polymer clay blocks ( 30g for each Clay)

5* clay tools

47+ Jewelry Accessories

1* storage box

Polymer clay starter kit

Polymer clay for beginners.

45 Color Blocks


Polymer Clay Starter Kit

Set of 45 gorgeous and bright colored polymer clay blocks, ideal for creating small ornaments.

Safety Material

Made from non-toxic soft polymer molding clay with bright color, non-sticky to your hands, super stretchy.

Ideal Gift

Packed in a fancy box, It is suitable as present for those who love Clay Modeling.

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