About us

“Magic” is not the so-called “magic”. But it does have the fascination which makes the life full of surprise and wonder, giving you a feeling of extremely fantastic and brilliant.

You may not be able to experience the passion of hawk flying. However, the word “Fly” can really give you the feeling of flying in the sky. Perhaps this is what we need in our life-passion and freedom.

The combination of “magic” and “fly” creates a clear, bright, cheerful and positive musical note, forming a natural and harmonious musical movement.

The establishing of “Magicfly”originates from the brand creator’s sudden exposing to the song  “Magic fly” of Chris cozens.

The design concept of Magicfly is inspired by the Chinese traditional household products, perfectly mixing the nature to the designs of household appliances all over the world. By using the new design concept, modern minimalist design style and smooth line. We can provide you with products relating to the family, individual and the object related, with everything integrated together, we are to give you a sweet household life.

Magicfly gives you the positive energy to accept every cheerful day in your life.

To have your fashionable and high- quality life, right here , Magicly, will give you what you want. Magicfly, for a better life!